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Los Angeles, Dec 15, 2018 ( – A holistic approach to an entirely healthy and well-functioning physical self isnt exactly ubiquitous they largely exist in separately addressed aspects. Laziness is a major impediment that stands in the way of the potential to attain the best physical state. Understanding that veracity, Edwin Myers, a personal health and fitness expert, brings a holistic approach to health, fitness and life motivation with Triangle of Health a health and wellness product.

Myers fuses training with the mentoring of young adults with the inspiring mantra of Laziness will cause you Pain. The objective of this motto is to turn each defeat into success each day. Myers has been doing this for the last 10 years. His experience in personal health and fitness spans two decades. Edwin Myerss discipline was shaped by the Vee Arnis Jujitsu School of Self Defense. He specialized in Stick and Knife fighting, Brazilian jujitsu, and 123 hit Program. With the combined formidable expertise, Myers instills the common strategy of discipline, hard work, and strategy as a necessary process to succeed in any field and ultimately lead a wholesome life – applying the Laziness will cause you Pain mantra every step of the way.

Myers journey to create a holistic approach to healing and nutritional research has been riddled by sweat, pain, and tears. His nutritional research has resulted in an all-natural, high alkaline and low acidity plant-based diet.

By the adding of the Triangle of Health that comprises Kyani Sunrise, Nitro and Sunset into the workout plans devised by Myers, it has become a really potent formula. Myers doesnt only use Kyanis products, he also distributes them.

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