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Jonathan Burkett

Miami, Dec 19, 2018 (Issuewire.com) – Jonathan Burkett has defined himself as one of those artists who cannot be overshadowed by anyone else. Shifting his focus from mainstream music he presents a style unique only to himself. He composes music that is non-traditional to the current trend of indie and commercial brands. Each of his composition focuses on the personal experiences he has gone through in life and his tracks Make Money, Taking numbers, Pass that and One life (dub mix) are the perfect examples. Through all the trials in his life, his love for music never faded. Jonathans songs are created to motivate his listeners from never giving up irrespective of the conditions they come across.

Each of Jonathans tracks has a distinct storyline. Make Money conveys the idea of how important money is to survive in this world. The beats of the song perfectly suit the ambiance of the song. One life (dub mix) has a crazy mix of rhythms and symphonies urging the people to live their life to the fullest as they have one life to live. Taking numbers and Pass that pours through their personal sense of style. A certain fusion of genres and wonderful lyricism with endless passion can be seen through the tracks. Each of the tracks has an authenticity that will hook the listeners from the very starting.

Jonathan Burkett owns his own production house known as Upstormed records. His popularity among the fans can be seen through his social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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Make Money by Jonathan BurkettOne Life Dub Mix by Jonathan Burkett

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