Glasgow New DJ HANZY Drops Some Exquisite Set of Dance – EDM Tracks on the Gala

Hanzy Hour  Sunday Session 16

Glasgow, Jan 5, 2019 ( – Versatile artist HANZY has appeared with a fascinating set of dance and EDM tracks which are taking the world by storm. This young 17 year old Glasgow new DJ works hard to create music based on progressive house genre. This artists music helps you to escape and unwind after a busy and tiring day. The tracks are incredibly uplifting and set a very high benchmark in dance and EDM music genre. His creativity and artistry is gaining a lot of fan following from all over the world. If you are looking for some unique and exclusive varieties of dance music, then you must give this artist a try.

This artist HANZY has come up with two hot new tracks Hanzy Hour – Sunday Session #11 and Hanzy Hour Sunday Session #16 which add a whole new dimension in dance and EDM music genre. He has skilfully fused the feelings of ambient calm with some industrial and energizing beats with a hint of notably experimental vibes. These tracks are instantly likable, chaotic and unpredictable in some ways. The second time you listen to these two tracks, there will be a lot more to appreciate. The impactful musical backdrop and the intricately detailed story-line are what make this artists music so worth listening to.

There are a lot of weight and character in the process along with different layers of fascinating artistry in the unexpected elements in these tracks. The ambience starts to evolve and the melody-line start to appear and there is certain heartfelt emotions and humanity in the vocal of the artist. The whispered sentiments, ideas and concepts make this artists music more seductive and worth the hype. The whole thing hits with weight and leaves a lasting impression in the minds of the audiences. No wonder his tracks are already viral on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Check out the latest EDM tracks of HANZY :

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