World War II Refugee Launches an Inspiring Story About Gaining Confidence

Iowa City, Jan 8, 2019 ( – Margaret Smoliks Marcus and the Caterpillar follows the journey of a very shy boy who is set to discover more about himself and go through a glorious transformation in this coming-of-age tale.

Living miles out of town, Marcus keeps mostly to himself and is used to doing things on his own. When he becomes the new kid in school, he withdraws even more and becomes more reserved and timid. But because of his curiosity and fondness for nature, he starts to see the similarity of what he is going through at present with the way plants and living creatures evolve.

He begins to find comfort in learning that every living thing, including him, go through changes. He starts taking interest in the transformation of butterflies. The author hopes that with the story, readers will see that we all have to go through challenges and we have to realize that difficult times are learning opportunities for us grow into the best version of ourselves.

Marcus and the Caterpillar

Margaret Smolik

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About the Author

Margaret Smolik and her family are refugees of World War II. They arrived at the United States when she was only nine years old. Growing up in a foreign land, she went through a lot of adjustments and had put in the work to find her footing and to become the person she always wanted to be. She earned her bachelors and masters degree at Drake University. Support and encouragement are themes she holds close to heart and also inspires her writing. She and her husband are blessed with four children.

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