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Tucson, Jan 16, 2019 ( – Anoop Chandolas novel MUTILATING WOMEN (ISBN: 9781644370698) released by Black Opal Books (U.S.A.) on January 19, 2019

Mutilating Women is a suspense story of an honor crime. It follows members of the Kotwal Clan during the chaotic months before and after Indian Independence in 1947, a time of upheaval and of hope. The members of this Himalayan clan would be termed liberal/progressive in their stance toward the many issues they faced: from questions of equality for women and untouchables, to the role of religion in thwarting both and changing marriage practices to what modernization might look like for India. However, this book, based on the fictional interviews with the offspring of some of the characters, is an accurate portrayal of the many obstacles the people of India faced during this timethe cultural and psychological barriers that confronted them at every turn. The cover of the novel suggests how some sexually assaulted women connected with the Kotwal clan took raw revenge long before the ME-TOO revolution of sexually assaulted women.

Anoop Chandola, an American linguist-anthropologist, was raised in a priestly Brahmin family in India near the Nepal-Tibet border. Dr. Chandola, a graduate of the Universities of California-Berkeley and Chicago, has taught Indian literature, culture, and religion at Sardar Patel University, M. S. University of Baroda, University of California-Berkeley, University of Washington-Seattle, University of Texas-Austin, and University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is a member of the American Anthropological Association, Association for Asian Studies, Linguistic Society of America, and Linguistic Society of India. Dr. Chandola, now Professor Emeritus of East Asian Studies at the University of Arizona, lives in Tucson with his wife Sudha. He is a frequent guest lecturer on Hinduism and related religions. More information about him is available in Wikipedia.

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