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Lafayette Hill, Jan 31, 2019 ( – Lice Lifters (, a head lice treatment clinic network comprised of individually-owned franchise locations, is celebrating 10 years in business while envisioning an equally successful future, its operations expanding beyond the original Pennsylvania location to encompass offices in New Jersey, Florida, Texas, New York and Delaware. In its efforts to treat and remove head lice at all of its clinics in the U.S., Lice Lifters utilizes an all-natural removal process that yields a 99.9-per cent success rate for clients a statistic that flies in the face of results garnered from over-the-counter lice treatments.

As I look back over the decade weve been in business, I am filled with pride, plain and simple, says Michele Barrack, president, and owner of Lice Lifters LLC. My own familys struggle with head lice resulted in my creating a process to help friends and neighbours get rid of the bugs. The concept for launching treatment centres was born when I realized how many people were dealing with the frustration accompanying lice infestations, and I wanted to help as many families as I could in one day.

Today, there are 11 Lice Lifters treatment centers, all of which have cumulatively helped tens of thousands of clients get rid of lice, and I am very proud of the safe, natural treatment we perform and peace of mind we ultimately provide.

The underlying difference between generic OTC hair lice removal solutions and Lice Lifters approach is that over-the-counter products are not effective in permanently killing or stopping lice outbreaks, according to company representatives like Barrack. Whats more, individuals find themselves paying over and over again to treat and still be affected by lice, thus costing more time and causing additional frustration.

Alongside the success of its franchise locations and their lice removal services, Lice Lifters is also celebrating a decade of offering premium, all-natural and safe products for families throughout the nation. Available for purchase via Lice Lifters website or at individual treatment centers, these products include Lice Lifters Lice Solution Treatment (a soothing blend of oils that quickly eliminate all stages of live head lice), Lice Lifters Mint Detangler Spray (a one-step product that detangles hair and deters lice), Lice Lifters Lice and Nit Removal Comb (boasting a unique spiral micro-grooving that helps get underneath every egg) and Lice Lifters Head Lice Treatment Kit (containing one eight-fluid-ounce bottle of Lice Solution, one Removal Comb, one seven-ounce bottle of Mousse and thorough instructions).

In using the latest technologies that are pesticide-free and 99.9-per cent effective, Lice Lifters technicians put every client at ease, leaving each of them and their families with a follow-up treatment plan as well as advice regarding how to prevent lice outbreak in the home. The all-natural killing agent eradicates 100-percent of live activity while utilizing non-toxic ingredients that are paediatrician-endorsed and school nurse-recommended, with Lice Lifters representatives pointing out how mobile lice removal services do not use such a killing agent, thus introducing the possibility of a return outbreak.

Further, Lice Lifters offers insurance reimbursement assistance at each of its treatment centres, though this varies depending on insurance carrier; for convenience, the company provides clients with the appropriate information including the diagnostic codes required to submit a reimbursement claim.

For prospective business owners who have been seeking an opportunity for success in a growing industry, a plethora of Lice Lifters franchises are available for exploration, with information regarding these opportunities accessible via

Lice Lifters LLCs corporate location in Pennsylvania is situated at 600 Germantown Pike in Lafayette Hill and can be reached by calling (484) 368-3383. For more information visit or email

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