New Single ‘Instagram Model!’ by Upcoming California Rapper LIL BOSO is Spreading Energetic Vibes

Instagram Model by LIL BOSO

Los Angeles, Jan 31, 2019 ( – The true flavours of hip hop and rap is somewhere lost with more artists getting reclined to techno sounds. However, if you really recall the golden era hip hop you can straight away imagine cool young rappers in style and with the hard-hitting attitude narrating their rap stories in an amazing way.  Again in 2019, the 15 year old upcoming California rapper LIL BOSO has become the most trending artist in SoundCloud and the reason is his exclusive rap music pieces. By now if has dropped quite a few singles amongst which Instagram Model! is going viral. If you have not yet listened to this artist, headover to SoundCloud and get engaged to the back to back singles by this rising star.

Based in California LIL BOSO has always been attached to the vibrant music culture especially the witty rap culture. Youngsters of the city used rapping as a way to voice their opinion. LIL BOSO is truly inspired by XXX Tentaction and wants to become like him some day. Even his rapping style, music and attitude will remind listeners of the living rap legend. Some of the popular tracks in his SoundCloud gallery are Mixed personalities (remix), Gang Language (With Kangroo xam *888*), Run it Up, So Far and of course, Instagram Model!

Be it the rapping style, the music jamming, the lyrical verses or any other element, the versatility of LIL BOSO is clearly portrayed in the single Instagram Model!. The single has both the charm of old-school rapping and also has the electrifying vibes of the new-school hip hop and rap music. LIL BOSO is signed with Kangaroo Xan recording label. Have a look at his Instagram page that is loaded with exciting details about him and gives a better picture of LIL BOSO. Stay tuned to SoundCloud for more tracks.

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