Enjoy the Outstanding Lyricism and Musicality in O-Men’s Lyric Video ‘We’re Back’


London, Feb 11, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – O-Men are the name of a music group with a new style and are described by some City Rap and narrative.  O-Men are a group with two members Michael Damsa who is the producer and Raphael Shonibare who is a writer and poet. His new music video Were Back is a fusion of pop, classical and rap. Were Back is mainly a metaphoric rap track and the here the video describes the rise and fall of a man. This music video is crafted on the writer’s experience over the last ten years. His music video tells the story of a man who falls for a gold-digger. Unfortunately, she leaves him impoverished and in despair.  He loses himself the way he uses to be. Ten years later, he rises from the ashes of misfortune and all set to take on the world to regain the pleasures that he once enjoyed.

The track Were Back by O-Men maintains amazing contrasts between the melodic and rapped vocals which are striking. The soundscape is subtle and allows the listeners to stay focused on the words, rhythm and delicate intensity in it. The whole thing within the track Were Back is well balanced and manages to impress the audience in every way. The passion rises with the growing zeal of their performance and the poetically thoughtful expression of lyricism.  Presence of beautiful music and rhythmic rap flow makes the track Were Back notably entrancing. The music video has an exceptional dark ambiance and captivating rhythm.

The instrumental break in the track Were Back by O-Men reminds the audience of the creativity and color that makes up the musicality. Vocal melody and Soundscape creates a great impact on the audience. The songwriter holds nothing back when it comes to express the underlying sentiments within the track. The wonderful hook within the track Were Back offers the perfect peak and keeps the audience captivated. The melodic rise and the resolve at the hook are effective in a classically pop like manner. The sound within the music video is crisp and organic in every step. O-men will release their music video Narration with full-featured video this year. To watch their music video you need to visit the most popular video streaming site YouTube. You can get more updates about Omen’s upcoming events and music by simply following them on Facebook and Twitter.



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