Listen To a Classic Jazz Cover ‘Misty’ By Vintage Singer Butterfly

Jazz Music Artist Butterfly

Phoenix, Feb 18, 2019 ( – Every music genre is acknowledged for its signature elements. With the trend reclining more into fusion music, one genre that is toll date regarded for its classical style is Jazz. And to add more melody o this blissful genre, Glasgow based vintage singer Butterfly has dropped some beautiful tracks in SoundCloud. While most of these singles are covers, Butterfly aka Sarah Summers is also a skilled songwriter and will be available soon with her self-written and composed music pieces in the platform. Currently, the track Misty is attaining a huge number of plays in SoundCloud.

Butterfly is one among the rising artists in the UK and has performed in many reputed venues across the country. Her rare dual voice texture is the USP that gives her the independence to sing both low smoky jazz as well as clear crisp classical soprano styles. Her SoundCloud gallery showcases her versatility and how she beautifully she has done justice to the classical jazz masterpieces in her own way. One single The Look of Love originally sung by famous Jazz singer Diana Krall is performed by Butterfly. She has sung it by blending the essential elements of jazz music and has given a personal touch to the track.

Butterfly is proving her mastery in the genre with every single track. The single Misty is another beautiful classical jazz single that Butterfly has given a new dimension. Misty is a track sung by the queen of jazz Ella Fitzgerald. Butterfly has sung the epic music piece with grace and is really winning the hearts of jazz music lovers all over the world. Butterfly is also becoming a singing sensation in different music streaming site like YouTube and has also been broadcasted in radio. Stay tuned to SoundCloud for her upcoming tracks. Subscribe to her YouTube channel for recent updates.

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