Vision Marine’s New Song ‘Shaker’ is an Upbeat Single about the Contemporary Entrails of Life

Vision Marine

Minneapolis, Mar 6, 2019 ( – Hip-hops vision as a global genre of expression has come a long way with its subjective interpretations on various social, political and personal matters. The flavors of contemporary hip-hop have also gone through a considerable change of pop-culture influences, dynamic global views and more. Upcoming artist Vision Marine is deconstructing the notes of hip-hops extensive saga and making some of the most compelling tracks of our times. His newest single Shaker depicts the modern-day lifestyle of the youth as a celebratory saga of the neo-generation. A beautiful engrossing track with a tune that will make you sing along its groovy feel, Shaker is the Friday night relaxation bit at the end of a long week.

Vision Marine, based out of Minneapolis has had his share of popularity with tracks like 3 Nights in the Lab, Bye Bye and Russian Roulette. A positive energy that the audience can relate to in an instant, Vision Marine is the new age artist promoting all things compliant, especially with the millennial. His lyrical outspokenness comes with certain calm and composure, a serenity that everybody looks for in songs. Vision Marine puts these insightful layers into beautiful annotations that result in a boisterous act of beautiful songs.

With the release of Shaker peaking high on charts, there have been no looking back since for Vision Marine as yet another asset in the spectrum of hip-hop. His popularity is growing by the minute and he is definitely going to touch the edges of musical victory with his promising flairs. A definite star in the making, his edgy versatility is only getting redefined with time and overall exposure. With a voice so distinct brimming with passion for his artistic work, the experience that he is providing for his audience is unparalleled. To be a part of his synchronous musical gala, follow his work on Instagram and Soundcloud right away.


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