Concerns About Legal Marijuana Identified in New Book

Boston, Mar 13, 2019 ( – Scott Graham, a life coach and licensed substance abuse counsellor, is publishing a new book that voices new issues in the marijuana legalization debate.  The book, “Determining Marijuana Use in the Age of Legalization”, focuses specifically on how health professionals can sort out exactly what a person is consuming but also touches on broader topics including labelling issues and sorting through the rhetoric put forth by both marijuana legalization advocates and some health professionals.

“It’s going to be a big mess if we are not careful,” says Graham, pointing to the issue of THC concentrations.  “Marijuana stores sell you a wide array of products with varying amounts of THC and their only advice is ‘start low, go slow’.  Can you imagine the push back if that was the only guidance offered for alcohol – a drug most people are familiar with?”

Graham refuses to call the stores “Dispensaries” which is often used to describe the legal point of sales for marijuana.  “It’s rhetoric plain and simple from the pro-marijuana movement.  Because legalizing medical marijuana is a step toward legalizing recreational use, the industry works hard to frame the discussion with medical terms.”

“C’mon,” adds Graham.  “Just think about it from the perspective of alcohol.  We don’t go to the alcohol dispensary to by our bottle of Jack Daniels.  We go to the “Liquor [fill-in-the-blank].”

Graham says we need comparable measures so consumers can easily determine how much to use, health professionals can educate consumers about use and health professionals can assess over-consumption.

“We need a comparable metric as we do with alcohol.  Most consumers understand what proof means when they go to the liquor store.  They also understand that one shot of 80 proof liquor equals one glass of wine equals one glass of beer.  They also know normal consumption is for men and women.  We need that level of understanding with marijuana products.  And we can’t have that until we have clear, easy to compare labelling.”

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